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Since 1986 The H.Turner National Medical Research Center for Сhildren's Orthopedics and Trauma Surgery has been the organizer of annual scientific practical conferences which are devoted to the current issues in pediatric traumatology and orthopedics and which unite specialists from various administrative regions of the Russian Federation.

To increase the number of participants from different regions, 29 conferences were held in 22 Russian cities. Children’s orthopedic and trauma surgeons were greeted in such cosmopolitan cities as Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Kazan, Voronezh, Rostov-on-Don, Volgograd, Izhevsk, Yekaterinburg, in the cities of North-West Region (Vologda, Pskov, Cherepovets, Syktyvkar), in Central Region (Yaroslavl, Vladimir, Saratov, Cheboksary, Oryol), in Siberia (Kurgan, Barnaul), and also in the health resorts where children with deformities of musculoskeletal system undergo rehabilitation courses (Svetlogorsk of Kaliningrad region, Staraya Russa, Gelendzhik).

The idea of organizing such conferences have always been supported by the National Priorov Research Medical Center for Traumatology and Orthopedics and by Association of orthopedic and trauma surgeons of Russia. The most active support in organizing conferences in regions was provided by Saratov, Ural and Kazan Scientific Research Institutes for Traumatology and Orthopedics, by Federal centers of Traumatology, Orthopedics and Endoprosthesis Replacement in Kurgan, Cheboksary and Barnaul, by certain departments of medical universities and by the Health Committees of the regions.

Usually there have been 200-250 participants from scientific and educational organizations of Russia and other countries, including practicing doctors. Topics for discussion were closely connected with the current issues in diagnosis, conservative and surgical treatment of trauma and traumatic sequelae, congenital and acquired deformities of musculoskeletal system of children.
The main aim of those scientific meetings was inculcating innovative technologies in practical medicine. Reports were always followed by practical classes and lectures delivered by leading Russian and foreign orthopedic and trauma surgeons. Sometimes symposiums were devoted only to one, the most topical problem. For instance, in Gelendzhik (1997) and in Yekaterinburg (2011) reports made by participants were about rehabilitation of disabled children with orthopedic and neuroorthopedic deformities; in Izhevsk (1998) priority was given to innovative programs of large joint treatment; in Volgograd (2003) participants analysed mistakes and aftereffects of treatment of trauma and musculoskeletal defects; in Barnaul (2015) the main topic discussed was deformities of lower extremities and in Saint Petersburg (2016) – deformities of upper extremities among children. In Rostov-on-Don (1999) scientists discussed first professional standards of special medical care for children in cases of 29 most common orthopedic deformities and trauma sequelae. For each case there were developed certain algorithms of compulsory and supplementary research methods, technologies of conservative and surgical treatment, criteria of quality evaluation, recommendations concerning preventive treatment of complications, program of rehabilitation and regular medical check-up. Standards have been worked out by leading scientists of the H.Turner National Medical Research Center for Сhildren's Orthopedics and Trauma Surgery and further published, which has helped doctors in creating of local standards of treatment in the sphere of pediatric traumatology and orthopedics.

Organization of scientific practical conferences for many years has been undoubtedly of great use for children’s orthopedic and trauma surgeons from various administrative regions of Russia in terms of both professional growth and exchange of experience among specialists of different qualification. The spirit of creativity, mutual respect and mutual aid are typical of every meeting, and friendly relationships grow stronger year by year.

For the last 2 years scientific conferences have been held in Saint Petersburg. Scientific reports have always been followed by workshops devoted to current issues in diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of the patients and have gathered up to 300 specialists each time. Carrying out such conferences have always corresponded to the main principles of regulations about uninterrupted medical education of orthopedic and trauma surgeons and pediatric surgeons who provide medication for children with injuries and deformities of the musculoskeletal system.

Since 2019 the form of the annual scientific practical conferences for children’s orthopedic and trauma surgeons will be slightly different. The meeting will be named after Henry Turner, one of the founders of Russian traumatology and orthopedics, and will bear the following name - ‘Turner Readings’.

At the conference called ‘Turner Readings’ as well as in previous years participants will consider current issues in health care organization, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of children with injuries, acquired and congenital deformities of the musculoskeletal system.